Friday, August 03, 2007

Freaking Bjork!

Today was the big revealing of the MS3 theme and it's.....drumroll.........Swan Lake. Now I'm okay with ballet, but walking around donning a single winged stole is a little on the Bjork side. And I do like Bjork. I even own a Sugarcubes album. I even dream of getting to Iceland someday. But the whole wing thingy, I am not sure about. I am going to toss this project aside and wait until I see how the other knitters wings turn out. Not to be cruel, but this is either pure genius or pure lunacy to get 6000 knitters to make single winged garments. Totally WTF, non?

Okay, venting done. Now for some food. Here is a lovely view of one of the salads I made yesterday. It was good.

Here are some ribs from my rib challenge. My neighbor, Jolie and I have been having a little friendly competition on the quest for decent homemade ribs. The verdict is that we are both total rib-tards. My first attempt, about a month ago came out somewhat raw and embarrassing. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Jolie's ribs had a giant grease fire that we could smell from inside our house. She wasn't too thrilled at the neighborhood attention. Yesterday's attempt came from the Tyler Florence AOL recipe. It was slow and steady. The results were tasty. I'm finally feeling a little more competent.

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kaoticorchid said...

Mmmm....yummy looking ribs! I will admit that I kind of like the idea of the wing stole. I'm sure you could alter it half way through and just reverse the pattern if you wanted two. :)