Thursday, May 17, 2007


If I was a farmer, I would have been delighted by these pollinators taking up shop on my front walkway. There were at least a 1,000. But I have kids. And one of them flails around a lot. And one is extremely allergic. So I am very happy they are gone. Very happy.

The big pink/purply rug is done:

I like it - but it is stretchy and bowing and doing lots of funky things. I would have knit it tighter, but it was hard on the hands, being a non stretchy cotton in four plys. Perhaps doing a slip the first stitch on every row would have helped (or maybe the inner stitches would be a big stretchy mess anyway). In all cases, I think I am done with this cotton for a while. I miss my sproingy wool !

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kaoticorchid said...

Eep! It's awesome! Beautiful even! I'm so close to the end of my MDK rug, it's killing me!