Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dye Experiment

Before I show my dye experiment, I want to show you a You Tube. In fact, I might make this a Saturday night feature. In my college years I spent a ton of time and money going to dance clubs and concerts seeing the hottest bands. It was a lot of fun and I want to see how many funny (and lame) videos I can remember.

This one is called Fred vom Jupiter and it looks like my neighbor made it in his basement. Enjoy!

Weird, Huh ?!?

Now for the dyeing. I took two Lanaset colors, Turquoise and Polar Red, and got five great colors by mixing in different proportions. Here it is on a sock blank.

And here is a started sock. It's from the new Interweave Favorite Socks Book. The pattern is by AnnBud and it is called Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks. Very sherbety, non ?

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