Saturday, April 28, 2007

Holy Cous Cous (and Kabobs)!

My neighbors next door to us, the Woolards, have a cooking arrangement with us. On days we have Girl Scout meetings, Jolee Woolard cooks our dinner and on their ballet nights, I get to dazzle them with my goofy ideas.

So this week was my turn and I wanted to try beef kabobs on the grill. It was fun yet chaotic skewering all the stuff and coordinating the cooking times so that it worked out right. Then right smack in the middle, we ran out of grill gas. This is typical of my meal nights. Anyway- it somehow came together and I was so pleased with the results that I felt it was blogworthy. Embrace the kabobs!

This is the new gnome with a shroom. He is modelling Kath's feather and fan cuffed sock.

Here is the sock completed. Katherine likes them and they match her crocs.

I could not wait to finish Katherine's second sock. I really wanted to start this ruffle topped wonder. I learned how do to this ruffle at Karen Alfke's Cuff Craze class at Stitches West. It is rather easy and gets some heavey broccoli action in just four easy rows. Plus, it'll match the previously modelled all terrain sandals. Love it!!!!!!!!!

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kaoticorchid said...

The kabobs look great! Also, the bright colors in the sock are way awesome on the gnome's head. It matches, so it doesn't match him, but it's cute nonetheless!