Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Swaggy and Loony

After soaking and blocking, I decided that I needed to add some beads with a little heft to the points (they act like tiny weights to hold the points down). Since almost all of my bead stash is size 11 or smaller, I had to zip into a Ben Franklin this weekend to get some purpley beads. The only close match were these miracle beads which don't photograph well because of their luminescence. They fit the bill. And now voila! :

Next time I will remember to remove the blind cords and stick. They cluttered up my crude attempt at arsty photography. Doh!

And now for the loony. I am started to get psyched about Stitches West and feel I had better create a battle plan for the market . From my past Stitches experiences, yarn shoppers can be an aggressive lot. The gang at Stitches East were especially pushy, shovey and elbowey. Being a native New Yawker I can fight back pretty well when it comes to yarn. But I thought it might even be better to have an upper hand by knowing the lay of the land. My first move is going to be a beeline to the Blue Moon booth in the back. I haven't had the chance to buy this yarn yet and God help the poor soul that tries to get in my way when the market doors open. I know you guys can relate. Later!

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