Friday, January 12, 2007

First Sock of the Year

With a blog named Soxchik, I feel obligated to get something sockish in this post. And since I am doing the Knit From Your Stash thing, I grabbed this Silk (a merino, silk, and poly blend) from the stash. I first started a Jaywalker sock. But it is ....

too Jughead with those pointy scallops. Toss into the frog pond.

Second attempt. I am trying these wavy socks from Vogue Knitting's Fall issue. They are really cool looking with a lot of definition from twisted knit stitches. But they are such a pain in the ass. The chart is not one that you can glance at and memorize. I cannot not knit these with the kids around or while watching a movie. Too much detail. But I will carry on. They may take a month (or year).

Lastly, I just took my tree down today. Did I beat you Pippi? I might have to get a Festivus pole for next year. It is easier to put away than a tree. I really like the idea of a grievance list. But, I am not sure about the feats of strength.

1 comment :

pippi said...

You totally did beat me.
My tree... she's still standing if you can call it that. ha.
The pole seems so much easier.