Friday, December 15, 2006

Morehouse Magic

What's so magical about Morehouse? Well for starters, they have great patterns, lots of them. The shawls and scarves are more contempoary than what I've been seeing everywhere else. I purchased them online two days ago and now they are in my hands. I call that pretty darn magical. I want to start the Gorgonian Shawl with engineered holes in a basic brown. After I finish this red scarf:

Yep, its going. It's not a Clapotis but it is addictive and the funky diagonal construction is keeping me from getting bored. Kind of like laying tiles or a mosaic or eating potato chips. I just can't stop.

And lastly, an early gift from Jerry from Amazon ( who's been rather speedy too). A much needed book for my remedial blogging skills. I never had a computer class in my life. All of my kids are more computer proficient than I. That is so lame. Go ahead and laugh at me. I can take it, I think.

Tomorrow we are off for a camping trip. The kids are so overstimulated about Christmas that we thought a change of scenery will help bring them down to earth. We're trying a campground in Placerville, about two hours from here. As they say on NPR....Good Times!

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FaerieLady said...

Pretty shawl pattern, and I like that scarf :-) Good idea for the camping trip... wish the weather was good enough here!