Thursday, December 14, 2006

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Finished! I'm so done with the giftable knitting. What a relief. I started last winter during the Knitting Olympics with the lace neck gaiters. Sorry they're wrapped in sockapaloooza bands, but I am not very computer savvy and they were the only cute bands I could find. Maybe I will get better at this puter stuff by next year. Jerry hauled all of the family packages to the post office today, so now we can relax and slow down the pace. Here's to recreational and charitable knitting!

I am experimenting with this Argosy scarf pattern from Knitty. I am not sure this is a good match, but we'll find out. People on the Yahoo Group Knitlist are having technical issues with this pattern. I have some back up plans if this fails. Later.

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FaerieLady said...

Thou art a better sock knitter than I...