Sunday, October 22, 2006

Busy Weekend

So - Jerry finally took the plunge and we're proud owners of an RV. It's used but it is in really good shape. Let's think of this as a mobile fiber unit. Anyway- Jerry and Will took it out this weekend to Petaluma. They hiked and hung out (pizza, DVD's, and satellite television -roughing it, huh!) .

The girls and I hung out and did girlie stuff. I let them have a guest for a mini slumber party. They had pizza, movies, late night manicures, ice cream and pretty much anything within normal reason. They let me work on Steph's fin with little interruption. I was just thrilled to get fin #1 out of the way. It is finally fini! Phew!

1 comment :

kaoticorchid said...

Yay! Mermaids rock! You should make fins for you and Jerry, too, and then you could be a mer-family. Fits in with the whole Coast Guard thing.