Thursday, December 26, 2013


This year, we decided not to deal with crazy traffic and stress of the holidays by staying home for Christmas.

It is a good thing we did, because it has been snowing  for days now.   

The house looks buried here. Optical illusion?  I think not.

My snow shadow!

We did some baking, 

Some puzzling (This puzzle came with a missing piece. My girlies were a little upset with the Ravensburger Company.  I think I will shoot them an email about this),

And of course some knitting.  I was able to get my gift knitting done in time and work on some fraternal twin striped socks for myself.  I finished them last night while watching World War Z.  Stripes and zombies.  The stripes kept me going, because I kept wanting to see how the color progressions would play out.  A Christmas miracle!

Peace and joy everyone!  Stay warm and drive safe!


woolydaisy said...

Love the post and the socks! Looks lke a cozy Christmas. Feeling a bit guilty that we have been coatless. Been too warm. I lke a little chill with my holidays! Happy holidays everyone!

soxchik said...

^ You'll get your snow soon enough.