Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Blast of Color While Waiting for Spring

This one annoys me because the color transitions came out choppy.

I wanted to test out dyeing with PAAS Easter Egg dyes.
I bought a few packs on Easter clearance.

The dye blank looks very intestinal wrapped up in Saran wrap.

Quite pleased with the dye results.  Though, I toned it down with a coffee dyebath to cut the brightness.

The finished cowl matches the kitchen.

 And strangely reminds me of port wine spreadable cheddar cheese.

Some sewing, to round things out.


woolydaisy said...

Lovely! Do tell about the coffee dye bath and love you Zulus petals! I had a friend who grew up in kaukana Wisconsin ! Hahahaha! That cracks me up! Nothing like some good cheese product! Colorful at best!

lyn_in_MI said...

i love that cheese! & you are right, it does look like it, only your pink is nicer