Thursday, September 06, 2012

Garden Summary

I thought I would do a quick summary of how the garden grew (or didn't) and spare the boring details.

What Worked:  German Paste Tomatoes,  Roma Tomatoes,  Black Beauty Eggplant,  Polish Dill Style Cukes,  Dill,  Cilantro,  Basil,  Grapes (though I don't know what do do with them-  they are seedy with tough skins)

What Failed:  Brandywine Tomatoes,  Broccoli,  Zucchini,  Summer Squash,  Pumpkins,  Blueberries

I am blaming the drought,  my late start with planting,  and having the irrigation turned on rather late.  Another thing I noticed is the wild apple trees didn't produce anything.

Thanks to the supplemented tomatoes from the farmer's market,  I was able to try canning sauce for the first time.

It wasn't as hard as I imagined,  though you have to be organized and keep everything sterilized.  I got one jar that had a traveling crack,  no explosions.

I tried some refrigerator pickles that came out pretty tasty.

On the knitting front, I started a new cardigan (about six times).  It is the Gnarled Oak  and it is a bitch to get the gauge right.  I think what I have going now will work....hopefully.  "Gnarly Man!!!"

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woolydaisy said...

i love love your new(i guess it old now) picture at the top of your blog:) those pickles look divine! great canning job!!!!