Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baking in This Heat?

Summer is here and we have been busy bees.  Jerry's mom came to visit,  which meant lots of cooking and eating.   Katherine wanted to show off her baking skills and we made the cinnamon rolls from the Pioneer Woman Cookbook.  They were gigundo.  There was a glaze that involved maple extract, confectioner's sugar, and little bit of coffee (or cawffee, if you're from NY).  I was so jealous of them (they were not gluten free) I could almost cry.

My garden is going good.  It seems a little slower than last year,  but that's okay.  I am trying pickle cukes this year.  I only got one so far.

I have a bunch of dill ready.  Come on cukes,  get growing!!!

I cranked out a zig zag pair of socks this week.  They were a fun pattern called Go With the Flow, that were engaging, yet not too complicated.  I loved how the colors morphed.

There was also a trippy part where you knit the heel flap heel then turn the sock inside out to complete the heel.

I took advantage of this gorgeous day to do a mini photo shoot at Boardman Lake,  behind the library.  There were kids having sailing lessons.  Check out my white legs!!!

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