Friday, March 11, 2011

Post Stitches Startitis

After returning home from Stitches West I caught a pretty bad case of startitis. I am usually fairly monogamous with my knitting. I can obsess and plow through projects with amazing force. But right now there are three projects going on at once, and that might not be enough. I need to get a grip and rein myself in.

Two days ago I cast on my Kauni yarn for a Claudia Evilla skirt designed by Ruth Sorensen. Ruth is from Denmark and has done some really exciting designs using the color merging yarn, Kauni.

This is what the finished skirt will look like (except it will be all navy and purpley). I am jockeying two giant yarn cakes and am about to add a third to keep the color sequencing further spread out. It hurts my little brain when I think too hard about what I am doing, so I will just use my blind faith on this project. Thankfully, there is no steeking involved.

I also got the wheel going. I am spinning up the last braid of fiber roving from Judy's Novelty Wools. It is a hand painted merino in splashy watercolors. I need to get an air filtering machine going in the house because this wool is particularly irritating to Jerry's eyes. Some fibers are more airborne than others.

There's also this crazy tiny honeycomb lace that I've been working on. The yarn/thread is a super fine two ply morphing color yarn from Jojoland. I cannot believe I am knitting with this stuff. I once purchased sock yarn of Jojoland's and it contained knots and mismatched ugly color changes. I must have been caught up in a shopping frenzy when I saw a lovely sample at Galina of Skaska's booth. I immediately wanted to cast on a fishnet type lace scarf even if it meant I would need total concentration, Ott light assistance, and mad chart reading skills. The needles I am using on it are sized 000, the tiniest ones in my fishing case (don't ask about my other small needles, somewhere else in this house are some 000000 (or is 6/0?). I like that this is very portable and can bring it with me in the truck while waiting for the kids at school.
That's all that's going on knit-wise, at least for now.

Jerry surprised us the other day with some treats. He works next door to a culinary arts department at the college. Very dangerous. On Thursdays they have a half priced bake sale. I did a cheat and dove into one of the chocolate filled tartlettes. Oh my God, it was good, I think there was some sort of liquor in the filling. I stopped myself three quarters of the way through and handed it off to the hub. Thank goodness my celiac stuff seems to be in a dormant state at this time. I am totally tortured!


Jill L said...

More than one project at a time? Such scandal! Must knit you a scarlet "A" to wear around! Can wait to see what they f=grow up to be!

SteampunkDreams said...

My normal project monogamy has abandoned me too!