Thursday, July 01, 2010


We dodged Hurricane Alex this week. This is the look out our back door. Just tons of rain, wind, slop, and some thunder and lightning. We lost a couple of tree limbs and our satellite dish is a little messed up, nothing too bad.

I attempted to photograph my current sock project. It is called Death by Lace, from a Hoar Wars competition. Who names these competitions anyway? I did some modifications since it was a toe up design. I've done a couple of toe ups but I prefer knitting from the cuff down.

The Tour de France and Tour de Fleece start tomorrow. I plan to make a huge dent in my spinning projects. I have had my wheel out in the living room for a few months now and am making a conscious effort to spin more often. Here's a youtube to get you in the mood:

I have a basket of 'worlags' prepped up and ready to go. This is from the Mother's Day fleece Petunia.

Katherine and I did some mother/daughter bonding while learning crochet. She's getting really good at making even stitches and can count her work better than I. I helped with the face details and assembly, but she did all of the pieces by herself. This may be her thing. She even joined Ravelry!

Oops, I forgot these Fruit Loop socks. They were finished right before the weather turned. They're super cushy. Into the gift pile they go.

That's all folks. Stay dry and spin forth!!!!


Jen said...

Katherine's little octopus is adorable! I still haven't gotten the hang of crochet.

Was thinking about joining the Tour de Fleece, but I haven't had a chance to get some lessons on the new I think I'll just be watching and admiring.

woolydaisy said...

glad alexander decided to fizzle out or did he bypass you.

getting my cycling shorts on!
lovely socks!!!!

love your new background color.