Monday, March 08, 2010


After getting home from Stitches, I came down with a big case of startitis. I was over-inspired, and wanted to play with everything in my stash, all at once. So, after calming myself down I chose this BFL roving from Miss Babs. The colors almost glow.

Here's how it looks on the bobbin.

It's only four ounces and I thought that I better come up with a plan to stretch the roving a little further. Here's what I ended up doing: I dyed up four ounces of Corriedale pencil roving in a coordinating celery green. I think the two yarns plied together will work up nicely and give me enough yarn to complete a somewhat larger project. I hope this works.

The startitis crossed over to other genres, too. I went to the fabric store and picked up some canvas.

I am trying to duplicate my tote bag in some prettier fabrics. Out came the pattern paper, metal drafting rulers, and after a couple of false starts I think I figured out how to piece this bag together. The inside is lined in olive green (actually fused with some stuff called 'Wonder Under' ) because the floral fabric is a little on the flimsy side. I still need to add a front outer and an inner zippered pocket. I can't wait to put this whole thing together. Wish me luck, I don't get excited about sewing too often.


Jill L said...

I have lots of things from Stitches I want to start. I kept my eye out for you, but I guess our paths never crossed!

Jennifer said...

Love the Miss Babs roving! My LYS carries her rovings and yarns, and they're gorgeous. Hard not to get startitis with that in front of you.

woolydaisy said...

oh no! i hope startitus isn't contageous-as i know you got it from me!!! sorry. i love the celery green it's gonna look great. btw-love the completed bag on twit photos-you rock!

magnusmog said...

Ooooh, that celery green.......!