Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking One for the Team/Plantar Fasciitis

For almost a year now I have been having some heel pain related to my short lived love affair with the Wii Fit. I thought I was coordinated enough to handle the running program but I wasn't and I did some damage to the point that I couldn't walk normal (I've been toe walking, which looks weird and feels even weirder). So after two visits to the base doctor, I got brave enough to take the steroid heel injection. It hurt, not as bad as everyone said, but it was nasty. But now the pain is down enough to bear weight. And that is terrific news because there are only two weeks left before heading off to Santa Clara home of Stitches West. I cannot wait to be surrounded by yarn, fiber and knitting friends.

I did some spinning last weekend with my friends Joanne and Heide. Heide just got her first wheel an Ashford Joy last November and is spinning usable yarn already. She barely had a learning curve, no freaking fair! I spun up some pencil roving from my friend Donna's shop Indian Meridian Weavery. It's from Louet and it's their nonspecific breed Northern Lights roving in the Forest Glade colorway. The colors blend into a black watch tartan blur. Very easy to work with as well.

I started a new pair of socks. The yarn is a gift from Woolydaisy and Rhodie that they picked up from Tactile Fiber Arts. It is naturally dyed superwash wool that feels super squishy. The colorway is Dogwood and I love it.

I am trying a new trick. I like how the above sock is spiraling. So I took a photo of where I put my first cast on stitch. See how it is at the place where the olive and ivory meet. In theory, if I cast on the second sock at that same spot , I should have matching spirals, right? Say right, even if it is just to humor me. I will report back to how this idea works out. That photo is taken while in the car knitting while waiting for Will and Steph to finish at school.

Here is my finished pair of Waterfall Rib socks. They don't match up. There were cuts and knots in the skein that pissed me off big time. But I kind of like the mismatched charm and quirkiness that comes with self striping yarn.

That's all for now. I plan to knit some lace (think spires like in the Chrysler Building) for the Ravelympics that are coinciding with the 2010 Winter Olympics and Stitches West. To balance things out I am unravelling a sweater during the opening ceremonies. Nothing like over committing oneself.


Jennifer said...

I find the fact that the Heidi had no learning curve on a wheel to be depressing but not at all surprising. :-)

Jill L said...

First off -- Ouch with the foot thing. I hope to see you in fine form for Stitches.

Second great spun yarn -- my colors!

Third -- great socks and I hope you write up that pattern for the Dogwood socks -- looks spirally and great for yarn that can pool.

magnusmog said...

Take care of your foot and have a fabulous time at Stitches :)

wooly daisy said...

i'm so excited for stitches-if your heel hurts-don't worry we'll get you a motorized cart and we'll raise hell! love the northern lights roving-gorgeous!!!! glad i'm sick now-i'll be feeling fine when stitches happen-see ya soon!