Friday, August 28, 2009

Soxyville Horror House

The mystery continues. Our air conditioning is having some issues with overflowing drip pans, insulation and maybe even mold build up. At least that's what the maintenance guys are saying. They are confused and confounded. They finally decided that they will bring in an outside contractor to assess the situation. Meanwhile, here are some photos of my mysterious oozy drippy ceiling. Totally demonic. The kids keep yelling at me to stop staring at it, so it has some serious hypnotic properties. I tried all morning to find a Snuffy and Weezy image of a house with pots and pans catching drips. Love them hillbillies.

On a happier note, I finished a blueberry waffle sock. Very easy and they have a cushy thermal knit look. Gotta love the waffles.

1 comment :

wooly daisy said...

at least you don't have flies!!!!wasn't that amitiville (can't spell)horror

nice socks!