Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Me Through Spring Break!

This week was Spring Break and the natives were restless! One was reciting Weird Al Yankovik songs over and over again, one was learning to walk in high heeled silver lame sandals, and one discovered the joys of eyeliner. I didn't plan any activities, so I guess it's my fault that they are going a little batty. I lit a Holy candle hoping that it would calm things down.
Come on Virgin Guadalupe, do your stuff!

I completed the body of my 'Soxy Lady' sweater and am pleased with the results, so far. Now for the sleeves.

I forgot to post how my spinning came out. They are very Spring like. The two on the left are from the same corriedale pencil roving, though one is much lighter. Whatever I do with these has to be alternated between the two skeins.

One last thing. Here is an ad from Tractor Supply Co. It's chick days! I better keep away from there.

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wooly daisy said...

well at least they weren't putting together a KISS cover band and painting faces-ha! love the skeins!!

the virgin is the blessed queen- just ask and you shall receive!!! my friend has an awesome guadalupe tatoo on her arm-complete with the 23 or is it 24 roses?

i just got a chick days too! it came complete with plans for a chicken coop-liam is stoked-he's waiting for his bantums- hubby keeps talking vacation-i look at him like he's nuts!!! puppy renamed rick james-super freak!

and ton's o baby chicks to be delivered at the p.o. early may-god help me!

love the sweater! did you to garter or stockinette on the top?

happy spring!!