Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cold Front

The weather turned yesterday and there were howling winds, and rain. Jerry was away so I had a two blanket one dog night. I slept with ear plugs because the screaming banshee winds were creeping me out.

The kids actually had to wear jackets to school. Both girls started knitting scarves. Stephanie just started this a day ago and she is almost done. She's so fast. Then after she's done, she won't pick it up for another year. Amazing.

I found a stunned lizard on the back patio. It looked a little beat up from the storm so I brought it into the garage. About a half an hour later when I went to check on it, he was in hiding. So now we have a pet garage lizard. I am hoping it goes after crickets and other crawlies.

On the spinning front, I finished another skein of disco fever. It sort of matches the lizard, right? I think that's it for spinning until after Christmas. The living room will soon be too crowded for a wheel.

I am now working on some Koigu socks in a Retro Rib pattern that I love. It goes fast and has great texture. I like to have a few pair of socks as emergency gifts during Christmas time.


wooly daisy said...

i think i'll have to try that retro rib pattern. thanks for the idea! glad you survived the winds-they can be harrowing! did you get to wear wool?

Jill L said...
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Jill L said...

I love your lizard yarn -- they are a perfect match!