Monday, June 30, 2008

Sorry So Latte

Here are some pics of the beginning of the road trip. We are doing this at the local coffee shop, Stingers while Will and Steph are at summer school.

This is our rig. We crammed a ton of stuff into it.

The top bunk can sleep two girls.

Here's Darla and me surrounded by clutter. Clutter is my middle name!

Jerry's carpool chipped in and bought him a gift card to get a GPS. It's a Tomtom, but we call her Jane and she has a cute British accent. She rarely makes mistakes. We love Jane!

Lots of desert scenery. The temperatures got up to 106 degrees F. It was a rough adjustment for all of us.

These fans didn't help.

That all for now. I'll show you Needles tomorrow.


Jill L said...

you guys look like you hanging in OK -- Your desert picture LOOKS hot! Can't wait to see whats OTN

wooly daisy said...

so glad to see another post- and with pictures!!! makes it real-that you really are there safe and sound. looks like fun-(i'm sure it has it's ups and downs) but i love your rig-i want one!!!!!!! oh the places i could go! keep us posted!