Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sweatshop Time

We interrupt this knitting blog to transform my dining room table into a Halloween sweatshop. I always have great intentions of getting this done earlier but a): I perform much better under pressure and b): The kids may change their minds and the closer I work to that date there's less of a chance of them doing that.

So here is a photo of Katherine's poodle skirt. I still have to finish sewing on the leash.

Here's where I stopped on the Lace Dream stole. The pattern is emerging and it's very addictive! I'll have to hide this for a couple of days so I can crank out the pink princess gown. It's a real bitch with slippery shiny fabric and sheer organza. I can't wait.

Jerry picked up some Magner's cider to lighten my princess sewing mood. They're from Ireland and quite good. Not like the roadside apple cider you buy before Thanksgiving. A tad harder! Now I must stitch onward! More later.

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kaoticorchid said...

I'm sure the girls will enjoy the costumes you so lovingly put their effort into very much. The poodle skirt looks great, btw. In addition, I agree about the organza. They should make that stuff against the law.