Saturday, May 26, 2007

Informal Exchange

Cassa, my friend from OKC and I decided to do an informal exchange. We met a couple of years ago at a knitting retreat in Guthrie, Oklahoma and became fast friends. We exchange a lot of banter and commentary on our blogs. I LOVE what she sent. Thanks Cassa!!!!!!! Anyway, here is a shot of the goodies I received:

The card she sent was too cool for words. Nice tat:

And here is my music pick for today. I think the Talking Heads are/were one of my favorite all time bands. I also love the more current Brazilian type music David Byrne has been performing. Here is Psycho Killer for old times sake.

P.S. Am I "Jumping the Shark" by adding a music feature to my blog????

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kaoticorchid said...

To the P.S.-No! You're totally not-it's cool! Also, I'm glad that you liked what I sent. You were able to take a much nicer picture of what I sent you than what I was able to do for what you sent me-I'm jealous!