Thursday, April 19, 2007

Preteen Chick Bomb

The pajama party for the girls was last Saturday night. Five neighborhood twelve year olds slept over and the house will never be the same:

They played hide and seek outside in the dark with old costumes ( mermaids, a vikings, and pirates -all with bindi jewels!) Then they stayed up until six a.m. watching teen princess movies. It took me a few days to recover.

To get Will away from all of this, Jerry took Will to Vegas. Will wanted to ride the monorail all day. Jerry didn't mind. He was enjoying the benefits of refillable novelty go cups:

For knitting content, here are my lemongrass socks. I am craving the fragrance of lemongrass now. I must find or grow some or something.

Lastly, I bought some all terrain sandals with my b-day gift cards. I think these will be good for showcasing my socks. They also have a toe bumper to protect my toes (which are always having something dropped on them!) Good score.

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