Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ribbon Candy

This is the beginning of the Gorgonian Shawl. It is sort of looking like ribbon candy at this stage. I googled 'gorgonian' to find out what it was and it's a fanlike aquarium plant (silly me, I thought it was a cheese reference-like gorgonzola). I am a little tight on the gauge, so I added a couple more repeats. Here's the kicker, the cast on contains 417 stitches. YIKES!!!

This is the yarn. My apologies for the sideways photo. I am too tired to fix it. It is Henry's Attic lace weight 'pony' merino. I tossed it into a natural dyepot at the first log cabin rendezvous I attended in Oklahoma. Note the suspicious looking cuts in the yarn? My daughters swear that I gave them permission to do this. They were making hair ties for their Barbies. I forgive them.

This is another red scarf for the pile. Stephanie insisted on being my photostylist assistant. She said we needed a toy for scale (and because she loves orangy cats).

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