Saturday, December 09, 2006

House Photos for Joanne

Okay, My sister Joanne requested photos of the house. She's curious about the old Spanish mission details- so here are a few pics and explanations:

This is the dark exposed wood ceiling that's in need of a good dusting.

This is the hidey hole for the phone. A Mary statue could also fit in nicely here!

Here are the cut out arches and the fireplace.

This is the front view. There are aloe plants in the cutout behind Rudolph and in the urns. I plan on moving the plants to the backyard in the spring. I think we need more color in the front.

I will do another post later. I am still angry at the social worker for suggesting that I give my fiber room up for a renter at a deal that would include child care. She has no clue about the relationship between my creative outlets and my sanity. The #@$%&#(*&% !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just venting a bit.

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Istra said...

Give up your fiber room? The madness!