Sunday, November 05, 2006

Been Busy

I finished this pair of Socktoberfest socks. They are going into my gifting pile. I like them but, I am so glad they are done (I think they would have been more fun if there wasn't costume sewing and a time crunch involved).

I bought some wild corduroy and decided to revamp a couple of folding chairs. They are for the kitchen which desperately needed some color input. Are they loud enough?

And lastly, the girlies and I did a day trip to Tahoe City to check out the SOAR market. Whoa!!!!!!!! Great stuff all around. I saw the new folding Louet wheel (Victoria?)-well, she's just too cute for words. The Harlot was there, but I must have missed her. I bought a few dyed rovings for color inspiration. Then I saw this optim fiber. It is supposed to be treated (stretched?) merino that is even more wonderful than regular merino. We will have to experiment with that. The scenery was gorgeous at Tahoe. We were at about 7,000 feet up. My daughters thought it was magical watching the clouds rise from below us. Actually, Katherine loved it and Stephanie tolerated it. Stephanie just put up with the road trip. She was a pretty good sport. Thank goodness for the movie player in the back of the truck!


kaoticorchid said...

OH. MY. GOSH. That chair is so cute!! Cute! Cute! Cute! You must share with me the secrets of how you did that. Also-the fiber gets my approval.
(jk) In addition-my peers and I demand pictures of the mermaids that ran amok in California! Demand it I (um...we) say!

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