Monday, September 18, 2006

Kirby and Some Completed Summer Projects

We were asked to dogsit Kirby, a big black lab from next door over the weekend. He's big, slobbery, and not the best sock model. But he was willing to give it a try. I couldn't get him to wear the socks- so I just had him lounge near them. That he could handle (at least for a minute or two).

I knit all of these socks from the time we left Oklahoma till just last week. The smaller two pairs are for my daughter. She's my number one fan. I have been really getting into this machine knitting for dyeing technique. Next on the queue are camouflage stiped socks using this technique. I'll show you those in a couple of days. Thank you Nancy- your class rocked.


Evil Alex said...

Cool socks, Kirby looks like he might like to taste them! My daughter fell in love with the stripy ones :D

kaoticorchid said...

Such pretty socks! Color me green with envy!